Shatter Bombs 240 - 1200mg THC - Euphoria Extractions

Euphoria Extractions
Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bombs™ are cannabis-infused confections expertly concocted from patisserie-grade Belgian Ganache (a to die for creamy chocolate filling mastered by world class chocolatiers) and only the finest locally produced and processed cannabis. Our concentrates are lab tested and carefully infused into each recipe, so you can enjoy a responsibly portion controlled experience, just how you like it. Each box contains the following flavors:

DULCE DE LECHE: White & milk chocolate blended outer shell. Creamy butter & sweetened condensed milk covered in a sphere of white chocolate.

HAZELNUT GANACHE: Hazelnut chocolate inside and milk chocolate outside. Our original take on a beloved classic will blow you away.
COOKIES N CREAM: Vanilla filling with white chocolate outside. A base of soft and chewy chocolate cookies mixed with butter, sugar & crushed vanilla frosting.
STRAWBERRY WAFER: Strawberry wafer inside enrobed with Ruby-Red chocolate outside. Covered in a layer of natural, fruity chocolate & there inside packs a crunch in the form of strawberry flavor.

Available in 240mg, 600, and 1200mg packages!

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